Selling Your Book on Your Own Website

Selling Your BookOne of the options for selling your book is to do so through your own designated website.

Although this certainly is a good venue it also has it challenges.

If this is your first time producing a book then you may want to experiment a little first just so you can get an idea of how publishing on the web works. You can do this by simply writing your book first then market it in a PDF form through your own designated website. It doesn’t take much in terms of financial resources to use this method. There are some steps you will need to go through.

Developing your website

You are going to need to choose a domain name and develop a website. If you have no experience at this you can either take the time to learn how to do it, or hire someone that is in the business of website development.

Choose Your Hosting Company

Then you want to choose a good hosting provider like to make sure your site goes live and that the world can see it. You want a service provider for this that is not going to ensure that you have very little down time, if any, for your site.

Preparing Your Book

Of course you are going to need to write your book. Once written you need to go through all of the standard steps of making sure it is edited properly. If you are truly serious about becoming a author then you may want to copyright your book as well. You then have to choose a digital delivery system for those that want to buy your book, and set up a payment system.


Perhaps the biggest challenge you are going to face with selling your book through your own website is marketing it. The ultimate goal is to sell your writings and now you have to let people know about them. This is where you need to develop your marketing skills.