Writing and Publishing a Kid’s Book

Publishing a Kid's BookSome books are harder to write than others. But different authors have different passions and talents for different topics. There are a lot of aspiring writers that would love to write a children’s book. This is a niche topic so getting it published can be a little more difficult both to write and get published.

Know Your Target Market

Your target market is going to be those children who are going to want your books. This means you need to know the age group that you are going to be writing for. This is important because it determines the format and style of your writing. Your target market for children should fall into one of the following categories.

Up to the Age of Three

The style you will need to write for here is what is called board books.

Three to Seven

Most of the book will be comprised of pictures with just a few sentences to go with each picture that tells a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Five to Eight

Children within this age group are beginning to enjoy chapter books. This makes it an easy read for them and can hold their attention.

Eight to Twelve

Books written for this age category has to be written within the vocabulary that they are being taught in school. Which is the middle grades.

Twelve to Fourteen

For this age group the vocabulary can be expanded by the challenge comes in the content being appealing enough to encourage them to want your books.

Once you know your target market then its time to put your writing skills to task. After completing your manuscript the big challenge comes in finding a publisher. You want one that specializes in children’s books.

If you are going with the traditional way of getting published which is mainstream publishing you may want to hire a literary agent to represent you.